Our Divisions


PARIS FOOD INTERNATIONAL Co. WLL is a leading FMCG and HORECA distribution company through the own distribution channel. Through the past successful 13 years we have been dealing with the best food producers and industry experts to provide both local and international consumers with high quality agro food products - Pulses & lentils, grains and grain products, spices and spice products, nuts & raisins, special blends, rice & rice products, Coffee & tea, can foods, pickles, jams, confectionaries and chocolates etc.


Initially dealing in local sea food, Lobster and European Fish, the company is now in a position to deal all of live, fresh and frozen sea food products and our target is to be the premier supplier of LIVE, FRESH AND FROZEN sea food products to distribute entire star hotels, catering company, restaurants, super markets and fish stalls in the region. We are providing daily basis deliveries to our esteemed customers through our innovative required temperature maintainable vehicles and logistics system. Presently we have source to provide the finest sea food products from the best producers around the world


We Paris Packing is one of the major FMCG distribution company through the own distribution channel to the major hyper, super markets, department stores ,groceries and convenient stores in the prestigious state of Qatar.
We have our own packaging and manufacturing high quality production facility plant, through this plant we are providing a large number of customer's monthly requirements with full of satisfactorily. From the past couple of 5 years we are providing the best service of high quality food and non-food products for our esteemed customers - The entire retailers fraternity of the nation.

We believe our healthy strength part of growth is based on our large numbers of satisfied customer track record. During it's initial stage the prime focus was on spices and pulses packing range only, Gradually as the market was shifting from only wholesale concept to the modern trade sector in FMCG, the company started adapting the changes and began importing different lines of food and non-food items in the state of Qatar. Today Paris Packing is proud to supply an impressive portfolio of internationally recognized brands and to be one of the leading ful-fledged distribution, logistics and marketing company covering each and every corner of the Qatar market.


GREENTECH group is a multi faced professionally managed organization providing service in different fields of Trading, MEP, Real Estate. We are looking at new technological developments and new standards of quality. These unique developments are possible at GREEN TECH because we are the only company in Qatar that gives no compromise in quality. Keeping the customer at its core, Greentech has a real focus on healthy inspired living, transparency and providing value in the form of a brand that customers associate with. The results are visible today with acres of area under development. By infusing intelligence and innovation into the way people search for property, find a buyer, tenant or locate an expert, we create a unique property experience for all our customers.

Labour House, Warehouse, Flats, Compounds, Villas Whether it be office space, Labour camps, Employee housing (Labour House, Warehouse, Flats, Compounds, Villas), we have numerous property sources throughout the State of Qatar. We help people move – every day. Our agents help you to buy, rent, let or sell your property the way You want and keep the process smooth and hassle-free. We’re an independent research provider and consulting firm focused on the housing industry. We compile and analyze an unprecedented volume of information to keep our clients informed. Utilizing our trusted analysis, our clients can: Make more money - Identify risks and avoid pitfalls - Be both knowledgeable and efficient with their time.


At Yellowtech, we do incredible things to solve IT based challenges. We initially launched yellowtech as a provider of software and networking solutions for small to medium sized business and also used within our group of ventures. We are fully dedicated to incorporate customer driven quality standards with superior innovation. We customize our software products based on business specific needs, providing comprehensive training and offering ongoing technical support to ensure our customers long term success. We provide solutions for accounting, and ERP Solutions.


MMT is engaged in live meats, such as beef, mutton/lamb, as in retail packs. Most of the volumes that MMT does are comprised by the basic raw meat for processors, cutting plants and canned meat factories, represented by the whole varieties of: carcasses, anatomic pieces bone in and boneless, trimmings, fats and offals. MMT group has an approved cutting and packing plant, where carcasses and cuts are deboned, portioned and packed for the retail market, as supermarkets and hypermarkets. MMT extended his range of products, along with the logistic facilities, MMT covers a more diversified market and today, our portfolio of clients comprises all the market sectors in the field: meat processors from all the categories, wholesalers, chains of supermarkets and hypermarkets .The commercial policy of MMT continues the basic activity of the company: supplier of raw materials for the meat industry.

MMT has gained excellent market knowledge and customer/suppliers relationships based on its commitment, trust and reliability. Our extensive range of products, their knowledge and our supplier connections will enable us to provide a product/service that will match even the most demanding of consumer’s expectations. We are mainly focusing to provide fresh meat to all customers in Qatar local market. MMT vision is to grow from humble beginnings into one of Middle East’s largest red meat distributors.



Al Miharab and Al Ansari cater to the needs of day to day life, Paris group has launched mini supermarkets & other retail outlets in the vicinity of industrial area & huge residential compounds. Keeping in mind to be a one stop shop for the people working in around industrial area, the management of Paris group is trying its best to increase the number of outlets. The retail outlets of Paris group provide convenience, availability and affordability to customers, along with always striving to provide the best customer service possible. Our retail stores carry better quality department store merchandise at affordable prices. Our Retail and Wholesale prices are very competitive to the industry. Discover the

Driving force behind our operational efficiency. We are equipped with a deep talent pool with specialized skills that can be used whenever required. The Key to our success has been our determination to provide the mix of experience, ability and knowledge in our services catering clients needs and expectations. We are striving to understand changing customer needs, and enrich their quality of life by simply making the technology readily usable for them. Flexibility, reliability, price competitiveness and individual service are trademark features throughout our business. As a fast moving, forward thinking organization, we are continually looking ahead to provide even more efficient services to our clients.


At other times, it is highly complex, or it is necessary to distinguish authentic brands and inferior commercial imitations, or even dangerous counterfeits. The latter are illegal and to be avoided at all costs as they are subject to sequester and heavy sanctions. Doha Fashion Trade Company is a young, dynamic and ambitious company which is lead and supported by a people first value system. We are one of the leading suppliers of fashion products & cosmetic brands in Qatar market. We distribute high quality products to retail and Hyper malls like Lulu, Dasmanetc. Our reputation is all about the quality of products we deliver for the last few decades. For the next few years, we are planning for a chain of exclusive showrooms in the city of Doha. Doha Fashion Trade has all of the international experience needed to move in the commercial world more eciently, saving its client's time and money. Above all, those who use our services can at times have access to special, highly valuable commercial conditions and opportunities.